In February 2021, the Central Texas area was devastated by what many are referring to as SNOVID. The climate we experienced was something Texas homes and businesses are not built to withstand. Temperatures fell to the single digits for many days while blankets of ice covered just about everything in site. Thousands were left without electricity and water for days, and sadly many people lost their lives because of it. The destruction that was left behind has lasted many months and repairs will continue through the remainder of 2021.

A former team member of ours was also a Pastor and his church experienced a magnitude of damage. So much so that he felt it was time for him to step away from his current position with us tend to his church full time. Before he left, a large group of our employees made the journey to Tyler, which he made every weekend to pastor, to begin assessing and clearing out the damage.

Here are some of things we encountered...

February 2021

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