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Donald Addington


Growing up Donald’s father was in the Commercial HVAC business. He recalls that every time they would pass a building that he serviced he would tell Donald all about it. Although at the time he didn’t understand, it intrigued him and birthed a passion inside of him to one day own his own commercial HVAC company. The dream was easy, but the path to get there was not. In 2001, Donald entered the work field. He began working for a Union sheet metal shop in New Orleans, LA as a helper, and really loved learning about the industry and all it had to offer. He worked in the sheet metal and install trade by day and attended community college for Business Administration at night until 2005, when Katrina hit the city. After the storm, the company that Donald had been working for decided to step down from commercial work and shift all their efforts to residential repairs. Donald was also ready for something more, so he decided it was time to leave the Big Easy and search for work elsewhere. Rather quickly, Donald found a job for a commercial contractor in Houston, Texas. He began in the field but soon worked his way into an office position as a JR. Estimator/ Project Manager. During this time, Donald was exposed to the Building Automation industry. He decided that this was something he wanted to learn more about, so he enrolled in the Electronics and Engineering night program at DeVry University. His skill sets developed so quickly that he was able to convince his company to allow him to attempt a controls job in house, rather than subcontracting it out as they had been accustomed to. Donald partnered with a local Honeywell distributer, and together were able to complete the first in house automation project. Shortly after Donald completed his first year at DeVry, he was approached with an attractive job offer from the same distributer he had purchased his first automation job from. Donald accepted the offer and began his new role of Systems Specialist gaining invaluable knowledge with Honeywell and Johnson Controls products. He also became very acquainted with Tridium/ Niagara platforms. His hard work quickly promoted him to Sales Manager, and he spent the next 5 years developing other commercial contractors into Open Sourced building automation contractors. In this phase of his career he met a lot of awesome business owners, including the owner of Air Performance Service, Inc. In 2012 Donald received an offer of a lifetime. He was offered the position of Operations Manager and asked to open an office in Austin. This offer would also allow him to buy out APS when he was ready to do so. Although Donald was extremely nervous, this was a clear path for him to achieve his desire of owning his own business. He accepted the challenge and moved his family to Austin. In July of 2012 the doors opened, and the first service technician was hired. Donald dedicated himself to the Austin market by developing relationships within the Commercial Real Estate Industry and by following the core values of APS. Over the next 7 years a strong customer base was built along with a team of just under 50 employees. In January of 2019, Donald met with the owner of APS to let him know it was time to buy him out. Due to the dedication of Donald, along with the support of his wife, family and the SBA, they closed the deal on July 31st! The passion that was birthed in Donald over 20 years ago had finally come to fruition, but the next chapter is just beginning!