Holden Shamburger

HVAC Supervisor

Growing up in Hawkins, Texas Holden knows the value of hard labor. In May of 2012, Holden began his HVAC career as an apprentice on the residential side of the industry, but quickly worked his way into a service role. About three years into his career, Holden began taking night classes at AAS HVACR Tyler Junior College. It was there that he graduated and obtained his associate degree in HVAC. During that time Holden’s passion for knowledge and growth led him to make a decision that would dramatically shape his future in the industry. Holden accepted an opportunity to work in the heavy commercial arena of the AC industry, and has never looked back. The wealth of knowledge he has gained has not only catapulted him, but also those around him. In 2019, Holden joined the Air Performance Service of Central Texas team as one of our Senior Service Technicians. His specialties include Chiller and VRV/VRF System Optimization. Holden joined our team with drive, passion and undeniable leadership skills. He quickly rose to the occasion of sharing his knowledge and expertise to those coming up under him by becoming a vital piece in our apprenticeship/training program. Holden is also part of our social media and recruiting teams. Holden is passionate about transforming the future of the trade and making sure he is at the forefront of making this industry more than it has ever been. It’s an absolute honor and blessing to have Holden as part of our team.