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Dave Griffin

Vice President

  • dave@aps-centraltx.com
  • 512- 573-4247

Born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, the youngest of three boys, Dave knows what it means to work. His dad owned a custom home building company and at the young age of the 11, Dave entered the work force. Making .50 cents per hour, Dave spent his summers helping the family business. As time went on, his hourly wage and skill set grew. When it was time to go off to college, Dave left Delray Beach and headed to the big city of Dallas where he attended Southern Methodist University. He originally planned to follow in his father’s footsteps majoring in Architecture. After 3 semesters, and some wise words from his dad, “It’s better to make a living with your brain, not your back”, Dave changed to a Business Major.

Dave continued to work throughout college traveling back home during the summers to help with the family business. In his last two years of college he landed an internship with a prestigious Dallas Bank. This internship would land him a permanent position after he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business. Dave was promoted into National Accounts calling on Fortune 500 Companies in the Midwest. This new position required a lot of travel, which got old after a while. Coincidingly there was a huge downfall in oil in the early 1980’s which caused a lot of banks to close, presenting a new opportunity for Dave.

A local Check Cashing store soon hit the market that Dave just had to buy. This one store turned into many more stores along with a mobile check cashing business and starting an armored car business servicing three states. At its peak, the stores were hitting about 20 million in sales a year, so Dave sold the company in 2005.

Semi-retired but not ready to stop working, Dave started trading in the stock market. This went on for 10 years and he even became an instructor for a day trading company on the side. His knowledge gained him a spot on the board of a Consumer Lending Company, where he was asked to oversee the corporate office. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he added gold buying to all 70 stores, which saw gold triple in value during his tenure. With all this success, we are so fortunate that Dave genuinely enjoys working. It is because of this, that Dave agreed to join our team in -the -midst of the “pandemic” as our new Vice President. This was no light commitment, as Dave and his family’s permanent residence is in Dallas. Dave, his wife, Mary, and dog, Sophie, split their time between Austin and Dallas. They consider themselves homebodies, that LOVE Mexican food, sunsets on the patio, and their two grown children.