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Who We Are

Air Performance Service of Central Texas is your local Commercial HVAC and Building Automation solutions provider. We understand what it's like for your cooling system to fail on a 100-degree day, or to find your heating system down in the middle of a freeze. When that happens, we know that you are unable to provide adequate conditions for your tenants or your customers. With timely, trustworthy service we will have your equipment back up and running as soon as possible. It is our goal to get your heating and cooling systems running at maximum efficiency, or better yet, prevent system failures from happening all together.

With a Preventative Maintenance Program in place your equipment is inspected, diagnosed and cleaned throughout the year. The likelihood of downtime is practically inevitable but with proper preventative measures in place, you get to choose when to shut down your equipment for any needed replacements or repairs.

In addition to Commercial Service, our other primary focus is Building Automation Systems. The goal of a Building Automation System is to get your building running at maximum efficiency, all while saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs. Our Building Automation Team offers service and Building Retrofits on Distech, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Vykon Niagara Based systems.

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